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Ex-Rental Showroom Demo Items. PTZ Camera and Video Mixing equipment. LED Video Lighting. Studio Flash Heads. Jibs and Dollies. Twistfold Reflectors Diffusers. Monitors Monitor Recorders. RED DSMC2 Accessory Packages. RED DMSC Modules. RED Lens Accessories. Clearance Camera Supports. Clearance Camera Accessories.

Follow Focus Lens Support. Rails, Rods, Hi Hats. New Video Gear. Micro Four Thirds. Micro Four Thirds. Short Telephoto: 51-60mm. Medium Telephoto: 64-135mm. Longer Telephoto: 138-300mm. Super Telephoto: Above 300mm. Adapters Extension Tubes. Plates, Mounts Clamps. Rails, Rods, Hi Hats.
Reduser.net: The online Community for digital filmmaking.
Batteries for Red Camera.
Globalmediapro Li230S-HW-R V-Mount Li-ion Battery 230Wh for Red Camera. EUR 503.00 In Stock. Add To Cart. Globalmediapro Li160S-HW-R V-Mount Li-ion Battery 160Wh for Red Camera. EUR 317.00 In Stock. Add To Cart. Globalmediapro Li230S-R V-Mount Li-ion Battery 230Wh for Red Camera.
Online verhuur DUTCH FILMGROUP NL.
Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K cinema. Cinema and ENG camera. Levertijd: 1 dag 1. Toevoegen aan winkelwagen. RED one 4.5K WS 35000., RED Epic 5K 52500., RED Dragon 6K 1.00000., RED Weapon 8K 1.50000., RED PL Zoom 18-50 mm 15000., RED PL Master-prime 150 mm 15000.,
RED DIGITAL CINEMA CAMERA HIRE. We hire lots of RED cameras and we love them! from RED EPIC Dragon, RED Scarlet-W, RED Scarlet MX, RED One MX and more. From our camera hire locations in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol.
Film Gear Gent Verhuur.
Welkom bij FilmGear! Verhuur van RED Dragon met Optica Elite Prime lenzen, Sony A7s en GoPro camera's, drone DJI Inspire 1, DJI Ronin, sliders, licht, geluid en allerhande audiovisueel materiaal. Wij beschikken ook over een greenscreen studio en een audio opname studio.
RED Digital Cinema 8K 5K Professional Cameras.
SPECIAL PRICING AVAILABLE. SHOP CAMERA BUILDER DSMC2 Cameras Find Locations. incredible dynamic range. By" taking large format, ultra high-resolution cameras and making them physically small, RED has redefined the possibilities of cinema, and opened a new chapter in progressive cinematography."
RED Digital Cinema sur Vimeo. Menu. Search.
À propos de. Ajoutez une classification à vos contenus pour que grand-maman ne tombe pas sur vos vidéos pour adultes par erreur. TM 2019 Vimeo, Inc. Tous droits réservés. Fait avec à NYC. Langue: Français Filtre de contenu pour adultes: Aucun.
Red Camera Pictures Download Free Images on Unsplash. go to homepage. go to collections feed. open/close uploader. go to search. Unsplash Home.
black and red movie camera. person holding black shoulder-mount video camera. close-up photography of black Red plastic tool part. black professional video camera. person taking photo of black video camera. shallow focus photography of black professional video camera on table.
Red Digital Cinema Camera Company Wikipedia.
In 2007 werden de eerste Red One camera's' geleverd. In 2009 publiceerde Red de Redcine-X, de R3D software development kit en introduceerde Red het concept van DSMC Digital Stills and Motion Camera. In 2010 bood Red aan de originele Mysterium beeldsensoren te upgraden naar de nieuwere MX sensor.
RED Cameras Rentals Camera Rentals Vancouver.
Red 512gb Mini Mag. Rent a bigger Red mini mag and save time on set! Renting the 512gb over 2x 240gb for your Red camera saves you both money and also gets you an extra 32gb overall! 140.00 Per Day.

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